Full Facility Pass

Our NEW, all-inclusive, full-facility pass includes use of the fitness center, track & courts during unscheduled time, rock climbing wall, seasonal lap swim, fitness classes, child care, stroller club, indoor golf nights, discounts on birthday parties, pool passes, and DISC-based programs. All includes the NEW ActivTrax personalized workout software! Fees are based on a 12-month contract. A family is designated as up to 2 adults and 4 children under the age of 21 living at the same address.
Full Facility PassAnnualMonthly*
Individual adult$576.00$49.50
Youth (grade 9 - 12)$243.00$21.75
Senior (65+)$417.00$36.25
Senior couple$603.00$51.75
Individual 3 month pass$165.00$56.50



Daily Full Facility Rates

Daily Full Facility PassFee
Individual Adult$15.00
Youth (grade 9 - 12)$12.00
Senior (65+)$12.00


Track & Court Passes

This pass includes use of the DISC’s track and courts during unscheduled times. ** A family is designated as up to 2 adults and 4 children under the age of 21, living at the same address. Proof of residence required.
Track & Court Annual PassTrack & Court Annual Pass Fee
Youth (under 18)$90.00
Senior (65+)$115.00
Track & Court Daily PassTrack & Court Daily Fee
Youth (12 - 17)$8.00
Youth under 12$7.00
Senior (65+)$8.00 (after 3 p.m.)
Senior (65+)$5.00 (before 3 p.m.)


Group Fitness Punch Pass

The DISC offers a group fitness punch pass that is good for 10 fitness classes. This pass is great for those who do not want to make a 6-week commitment or those who would rather pick and choose what classes to take and when to take them.
Group Punch Pass Fee
Non-Member: $50


Navigation & Assessments

Stay healthy with the DISC’s free equipment navigation’s and fitness assessments – a real perk for all full-facility pass holders! Equipment navigations will help you learn how the machines work and get you started with a workout plan. During a fitness assessment, our Fitness Navigators can evaluate your height and weight measurements, resting heart rate and blood pressure, BMI, and more. You’ll receive an explanation of your results and how they affect your health. If you need further assistance, certified personal trainers are available at an additional cost. Contact our qualified professional, Jeff Rounds, at 429-3472 for an appointment.


Renew Your Membership

We appreciate your patronage! When your annual membership is due for renewal, you will receive a letter approximately thirty days prior. If you pay by bank draft, renewal is automatic! You may also pay by cash, check or credit card; Melissa Rinchiuso at the DISC (429-3472) will be happy to assist you. If your pass is already expired, please call or stop by our office to re-establish your membership. To upgrade your pass, contact Melissa Rinchiuso at your convenience. Thank you for selecting the DISC to fulfill your fitness needs!